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Strategy Diversified

Varied & Broad


The ValuEngine Diversified Strategy invests in a variety of asset classes in order to provide investors with stable returns and a high- dividend yield coupled with significantly lower risk than single-asset products.  The ValuEngine Diversified Strategy may include ETFs focused on commodities, stock indices, REITs, bonds, emerging markets, and other suitable products. By reaping the benefits of diversification, the ValuEngine Diversified Strategy seeks to remain resilient during times of market volatility. The ValuEngine Diversified Strategy is designed for investors seeking management for their IRA and other retirement funds as well as those whose risk-profile is not suitable for our other strategies.


The portfolio utilizes primarily ETF’s for allocations to stocks or bonds but may contain small positions in individual large-cap stocks from time to time.  It is adjusted monthly.


Actual Traded Performance includes trading costs and management fees already deducted.Unless otherwise noted, the Time Weighted Return (TWR) methodology is used to calculate returns. All returns numbers come directly from the custodian of the accounts, Interactive Brokers LLC.

Traded Returns*  (Inception Date 1/21/2016)


Simulations & Tests


The information presented herein is only for informational purposes about ValuEngine Capital Management’s investment strategies and is not intended as a solicitation to invest.


The historical returns presented above are based on client managed account performance and include all management fees and trading commissions. Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results. Performance numbers are calculated by the custodian Interactive Brokers using a Money Weighted Return (MWR) methodology. Detailed information on how Interactive Brokers calculates MWR, can be found HERE.

Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results. Please see disclosures for additional details. 

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